Dreams Academy continues to make dreams come true

01 Jul 2011

Dreams Academy obtained successful results at the Games Company (Corporate Games) held in May in Istanbul.

New Horizons - Academy, at the same time, is Social Responsibility Support Institution of Corporate Games.

In Corporate Games organization, together with volunteers students from Dreams Academy competed in four branches (swimming, cycling, chess and track).

As students received two medals in mountain biking and one medal in individual swimming, they got second place in the swimming relay, fourth place in the chess competition.

Students also represented Dreams Academy in track race successfully.

Photo exhibition

Besides, Dreams Academy organized a photo exhibition which name was “A Starfish Towards Dreams”.

First exhibition held on May 7-13, 2011 at İFSAK (İstanbul Photograph and Cinema Amateurs Association).

Second exhibition met with visitors between 25 May and 15 June, 2011 at Ortaköy Art Gallery.

Photographs in which Dreams Academy students took place was taken by Naci Demiral.


In the context of “Stars of İstanbul” Project, Dreams Academy students along with volunteers and artists “painted the stars”.

“Stars of İstanbul” is Turkey’s greatest multi-purpose outdoor art event on behalf of UNICEF Turkey.

The event is a social responsibility project aims at providing children with a “bright future”..

Graphical and artistic applications inspired by the culture and history of İstanbul are performed on huge 3D stars within this scope.

The event is supported by Vodafone, the private sector stakeholder of UNDP’s Dreams Academy Project.

The special event took place on 17 July, 2011 in the yard of Dream Academy’s building in Ataşehir. .

Students and artists including Tuğba Büyüküstün attended to the event.


Dreams Academy Swimming Volunteers swam to Kaş from Greek island of Meis in a traditional swimming race.

Involving participants from different countries Seventh Meis-Kaş Swimming Race held on 26 June, 2011.

The race organized within the scope of Kaş Culture and Art Festival.

From Meis Island to Kaş, volunteer swimmers swam a total of 15.000 kilometers.

Dreams Academy volunteer swimmers aim at producing resources for disabled and socially disadvantaged youth to help them take the advantage of free sports, vacation, and education through participating to Alternative Camp.

Alternative Camp centres are in Artvin, Bodrum, İzmir, Kaş, Sinop and Van.

Voluntarism-based camps bring together different disable groups, different ages and gender, different cultures.

In these camps as youth meet with underworld, improve their skills in workshops, enable self development through cultural activities, they create a barrier-free living space.

Since 2002 hosting more than 8.000 disabled individual, the alternative camp holds the chance of welcoming much more youth through the efforts of volunteer swimmers.

With leadership of Kamil Resa Alsaran, the team captain, participation to “Düşler Yüzüyor” increases day by day.

To get more information about Düşler Yüzüyor: www.dusleryuzuyor.org .

To get more information about Alternative Camp: www.alternativecamp.org

About Dreams Academy

Dreams academy produces voluntary and free services for full and equal participation of disabled and socially disadvantaged individuals to communal living by means of art and sports.

The academy through these activities aims to give the message that art and sports know no obstacles.

Dreams Academy Project is being implemented in collaboration with UNDP, Vodafone Turkey Foundation, AYDER and State Planning Organisation since 2008.

There are workshops on vocal, rhythm, dance, movie, photograph, DJ, instrument, drawing and design in Dreams Academy.

For more information about Dreams Academy, please click here.