Action plan on climate change ready

01 Jul 2011


“National Action Plan on Climate Change (İDEP)”, which prepared by Ministry of Environment and Forestry with contribution of UNDP completed.

New Horizons - The plan designed with the participation of İDEP and relevant ministries, public institutions, civil society organizations, private sector, academicians and international organizations.

With İDEP, precautions determined to combat the effects of climate change under the topics of energy, buildings, transportation, industry, waste, agriculture, land use and forestry.

Determined targets are as follow:

  • Reducing energy density in 2015 in comparison to 2008 by 10 percent, to increase financial facilities that set aside for research and development till 2015 in comparison to 2009 by 100 percent.
  • Increasing incentive pay amounts given for energy efficiency till 2015 by 100 percent.
  • Reducing electricity distribution loss across the country till 2023 by 8 percent.
  • Carrying out studies for establishing Turkey’s carbon market till 2015.
  • Limiting greenhouse gas emissions in industry.

Energy consumption in public places

The action plan aims to reduce annul energy consumption of buildings and facilities of public institutions till 2015 by 10 percent and till 2023 by 20 percent.

In the plan, the aim of providing renewable energy resources for the energy requirements of new buildings from 2017 and at least by 20 percent also took place.

Concentrating on railway and seaway

With action plan, it is decided to increase 5 percent ratio of railways in freight transportation in 2009 to 15 percent, to increase 2 percent ratio in passenger transportation to 10 percent by 2023.

The ratio of seaways in freight transportation is also intended to increase to 10 percent and in passenger transportation to 72 percent by 2023.

In the action plan, the ratio of highways in freight transportation decided to reduce fewer than 60 percent, in passenger transportation to 72 percent by 2023.

Garbage disposal

In the plan, the aim of determining risks of climate change related-natural disasters such as flood, avalanche, and landslide also takes place.

In the intervention of climate change-related natural disasters, it is aimed to strengthen the capacity of provincial organizations and to get them to reach the level of making exercises.

The action plan also includes, establishment of garbage disposal facilities across the Turkey and disposal of all garbage in these facilities, closure of all uncontrolled disposal space of waste and transformation of these spaces to green areas till the end of the 2023.