UNDP at Wednesday Conference of GDF

01 May 2011


UNDP Turkey’s Energy and Sustainable Development Programme attends the “Wednesday Conferences”, organized by General Directorate of Forestry (GDF) since September 2009 with a series of presentations.

New Horizons - Existing cooperation between GDF and UNDP Turkey has been enhancing with the presentations to share the knowledge and experience UNDP Turkey have on the national and local projects about climate change, energy efficiency, biodiversity.

First presentation of the series by Dr. Katalin Zaim, Programme Manager of UNDP Turkey, informed GDF officials about how UNDP works globally and nationally in Turkey.

Dr. Katalin Zaim highlighted the importance of the cooperation between GDF and UNDP Turkey with her presentation about the present and future projects.

Second presentation on the National Climate Change Action Plan is submitted by Deniz Gümüşel, one of the UNDP Turkey’s project managers.

Next presentations about pilot projects in Seyhan Basin, GEF-SGP projects, Second National Report on Climate Change and Küre Mountains will be submitted by the project managers in May.

For further information about Wednesday Conferences of GDF and UNDP Turkey’s presentations, please contact with Forest Engineer Emrah Kabasakal or UNDP Project Administrator Nuri Özbağdatlı.