New trainings for local authorities

01 May 2011


Support to Further Implementation of Local Administration Reform in Turkey Project (LAR Phase II) executed by the Ministry of Interior through the technical assistance of the United Nations Development Programme, successfully completed its ‘Capacity Building Trainings of the Local Authorities’.

New Horizons - The trainings are formulated in two rounds; the first round tour carried out between 17 January-12 February 2011 in both Antalya and Ankara and the second round tour carried out between 21 March - 07 April in Kızılcahamam.

LAR II Project targeted the local elected representatives and appointed managers overall Turkey.

The content and training materials are designed according to the outcomes of the Training Needs Assessment Report which is conducted between April-September 2010 in 11 pilot local authorities.

The trainings are delivered by a group of 25 trainers and 7 guest speakers who are acknowledged on the in-service trainings at the local authorities.

The trainings topics include; Effective Working Relationship with Elected Representatives and Appointed Managers, Gender Mainstreaming, Strengthening Vision at the Local Authorities, Project Cycle Management and EU Funds, Communities of Practice, Fiscal Management and Budget.

Quantitatively, 1.505 local authority officials - of which 918 of them are the local elected representatives, 587 are the appointed managers- are trained at the end of the trainings.

Besides, qualitatively, the participant evaluation questionnaire outcomes proved high participant satisfaction of the quality, content and organizational success of the trainings.

The trainings not only provided knowledge on the issues but also provided a kind of platform to share their experiences and best practices and a well-established network.

Authorities whcih participated:


  • Şanlıurfa and Trabzon Special Provincial Administrations;
  • Mersin and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipalities;
  • Malatya and Balıkesir Provincial Municipalities;
  • Şehitkamil and Nilüfer Metropolitan District Municipalities;
  • Nazilli, Bandırma and Polatlı District Municipalities.