New Horizons on university radios

01 May 2011

You can now on reach New Horizonz Programme of United Nations Development Programme Turkey Country Office on university radios.

New Horizons - Radio programmes prepared by the UNDP Turkey has started to be broadcasted on five univerity radios.

Universities which started broadcasting new Horizons are;

Akdeniz University, Anadolu University, Ege University, İstanbul Technical University, Süleyman Demirel University.

New Horizons Programme is broadcasted on Açık Radio (Open Radio) which is an independent readio channle in Istanbul. Programmes which are broadcasted in Turkish are also reachable on iTunes and YouTube.

UNDP, which works for more productive, healthier, more educated and greener future, shares selected stories of these works of UNDP with its audience.

URLs of university radios:

  • İTÜ Radyosu
  • Radyo A (Anadolu University)
  • Radyo Ege Kampüs
  • Radyo SDÜ (Süleyman Demirel University)
  • Üniversite FM (Akdeniz University)

    Podcast web-page of New Horizons: