MDG-F Joint Programmes for Culture and Tourism gathered in Sarajevo

01 May 2011


MDG-F 1792 UN Joint Programme “Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia” team was in Sarajevo to participate in “Knowledge Management System (KMS) on Culture and Development of the MDG-F Regional Workshop” in March 28-30, 2011.

New Horizons - The workshop was organized by UNESCO Paris office in order to share best practices and lessons learnt as well as for building a corpus of knowledge based on the Joint Programmes’ experience.

Turkey is represented by the UN Joint Programme Manager Neşe Çakır, Berna Bayazıt (UNDP), Serra Aytun (UNESCO), Nilgün Çavuşoğlu (UNICEF), Evrim Ulusan and Semih Yılmaz (Ministry of Culture and Tourism).

The other workshop participants were MDG-F Secretariat, UN Agencies’ Representatives (UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Department of Cooperation and Cultural Promotion, AECID Madrid, UNESCO Paris, UNESCO Venice Office.

The workshop was begun with presentations with a view to place all participants at the same level of knowledge regarding the idea of developing a KMS and its relevance for Culture and Development.

During the workshop JP participants were presented and discussed the good practices, lessons learnt and impacts of the JPs to the targeted MDGs.