UNDP Administrator Helen Clark paid a visit to Kars

01 Apr 2011


Ms. Helen Clark, Administrator of the UNDP, who was in Turkey between the dates of March 10 and 14, 2011 visited Kars, as well as Ankara and Istanbul within the context of her visit.

New Horizons - Ms. Helen Clark, Administrator of the UNDP, paid a visit to Turkey between the dates of March 10 and 14, 2011. Helen Clark, who had meetings in Ankara, Istanbul also travelled to Kars within the context of her visit.

She arrived in Kars on March 12, Saturday with UNDP Deputy Administrator Kori Udovicki, UN Turkey Resident Coordinator Shahid Najam and her UN Joint Programme team.

The delegation, led by Helen Clark was in Kars to follow the projects implemented within the framework of the “UN Joint Programme on Alliances for Cultural Tourism in Eastern Anatolia”.

UN Joint Programme is being implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and United Nations Organisations UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization), UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization).

The delegation first paid a courtesy visit to the Governor of Kars Mr. Ahmet Kara.

Here, Mr. Ahmet Kara welcomed the delegation and thanked them for choosing Kars for the implementation of the UN Joint Programme and assured that his and the Governorate’s support to the UN Joint Programme will continue.

Helen Clark thanked the governor for his support from the beginning of the Joint Programme and emphasized the importance of the local and national ownership for the success and sustainability of the Joint Programme.

Minstrels of Kars and local cheese

Following the meeting at governor’s office, Helen Clark visited Kars Museum Room of Children which inaugurated in January 2011.

Clark, here, received information regarding the Museum of Kars and Children’s Museum Room and observed museum training given to children and had a chat with participating children.

Afterwards, Ms. Helen Clark got together with the owners of projects benefiting from the Grant Programme of the UN Joint Programme regarding ongoing activities at Kars Minstrels Culture House.

In the Culture House she had the opportunity of talking to grantees as well as tasting famous local cheese. Her visit to the Culture House ended with a short performance by the Kars Minstrels.

Before leaving Kars, the UN Delegation led by Helen Clark visited Ani Ancient City in the morning of 13 March, Sunday.

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