Training for traditional instruments "saz" and "tar" in Kars

01 Apr 2011


A special training programme for making and performing of the traditional Anatolian musical instruments "saz" and "tar" have been kicked off in Kars with the support of UN Joint Programme.

New Horizons - Minstrelsy Tradition, which has been included in 2009 to the Representative List of the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is a very important part of Kars’ rich cultural heritage.

Several activities within the scope of the UN Joint Programme have been carried out in order to safeguard and sustain this tradition.

Namely, support to the 5th International Minstrels Festival, publication of a music CD that contains works of Kars Minstrels and the last but not least opening of the Kars Minstrels Culture House in January 2011 by UN Turkey Coordinator Shahid Najam.

In order to complement this initiative a special training programme for making and performing of the traditional musical instruments "saz" and "tar" have been kicked off.

With an Implementation Partnership Agreement signed with Kars Hoteliers and Restaurants Association (KARSOD), two training programmes on the making and performing of traditional musical instruments, "saz" and "tar" have been started.

The programmes, scheduled over a period of 5 months and has 20 participants.

150 days of training

The training programme is carried out by Salih Şahin who developed his skills as an apprentice of his father who owned a music house where saz and tar making and folk music performing practiced.

Şahin has worked as saz performer in chorus. He also collected and researched traditional music and poetry belonging to Kars, Ardahan and Iğdır.

He wrote the books namely "Poetry Traditions", "Saz Methods" , "Kars Poetry in Northeast Culture", "Kars- Ardahan- Iğdır Folk Music and Dances", "Azeri and Kars folk music" which were recognized as source books by Ministry of Education.

He has trained many trainees during the folk music and saz training programmes who are currently recruited by Turkish Radio Television.

In the 150 days of training, the duration for the performing Tar and Saz scheduled as 156 hours, while "Tar” and “Saz" making will be 153 hours.

This initiative is expected and believed to contribute to the viability, transmission and promotion of Kars’ Intangible Cultural Heritage.

What is UNJP?

The UNJP is funded by the MDG Achievement Fund entrusted to United Nations Development Programme by the Government of Spain.

The programme is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and United Nations Organisations UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization), UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization).