Media of Turkey welcomed Helen Clark

01 Apr 2011

The UNDP Administrator, Ms. Helen Clark who was formerly prime minister of New Zealand for a long time and paid her fourth visit to Turkey in March, was welcomed with intense media interest.

New Horizons - Press release of Ms. Clark with Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu was broadcasted by several media agencies such as especially TRT and Anatolian Agency.

Clark, during the inauguration of the Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development, answered questions of journalists from Bloomberg TV and CNBC-e.

Helen Clark, who visited Kars to examine cultural tourism projects, supported by the UN, was followed by both local representatives of both the national newspapers and TV channels, and local journalists.

Helen Clark, who participated in Leaders of Change Summit in Istanbul, Turkey in the last day of her visit, also had numerous interviews with national television channels and newspapers.

During interviews, journalists mostly asked Helen Clark questions regarding, to what extend the Millennium Development Goals could be achieved by 2015 and how much progress Turkey had in this area.

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