How could public participation in local authorities be strengthened?

01 Apr 2011


Delegates chosen among members of municipality/provincial councils, city council working groups and mukhtars from 11 pilot local authorities have some together in Ankara in March.

New Horizons - The participants first discussed the analysis carried out on management of city councils and works of mukhtars as well as the management of present participatory tools in pilot local authorities in the workshop which was organized under the scope of Support to Further Implementation of Local Administration Reform in Turkey Project (LAR II. Phase).

The workshop hosted six participants from each of the pilot municipalities and two from each of the special provincial administrations.

The participants were informed about the best scenarios and examples in other countries and discussed the proposals to increase the public participation at municipality/provincial councils, city councils and works of mukhtars.

The first workshop on the same topic was organized in Ankara in November 2010.

What is the project?

Support to Further Implementation of Local Administration Reform in Turkey Project is being implemented by the Ministry of Interior with the technical assistance of the UNDP and funded by the European Union within the scope of the EU-Turkey Pre-Accession Financial Co-Operation Programme.

The specific objective of the project is to develop and strengthen the administrative capacity and co-operation of the Ministry of Interior (particularly General Directorate of Local Authorities, governorates and district governorates), unions of local authorities and local authorities themselves in the task of ensuring effective implementation of new policy and legislation on local administration.