Energy efficiency in buildings discussed in Housing Convention

01 Apr 2011


An International Housing Convention aimed to discuss Turkey’s future housing strategies, urbanization priorities, and urban renewal activities and to share experiences between experts, organized by Turkish Housing Development Agency (TOKİ) was held in Istanbul in early March.

New Horizons - Experts representing different but related disciplines such as architecture, engineering, culture, local policy, art, urban planning, construction, environment, ecosystem, geology and meteorology came together and shared their knowledge and experiences via this convention.

Forming new approaches with respect to sustainable housing development, which does not exhaust the current natural resources, was one of the important topics discussed in the convention.

On the second day of the convention, Dr. Katalin Zaim, UNDP Turkey Environment and Sustainable Development Programme Manager was attended to a session entitled “ Sustainable Housing Design, Urban and Environmental Standards Related Approaches” where experts discussed the approaches to sustainability in housing and environmental design by looking at Turkish and international cases.

Katalin Zaim who made a presentation on Energy Efficiency in Buildings said “Energy efficient buildings are one of the key solutions on combating climate change and IPCC estimates that by 2030 thirty percent of the projected GHG emissions in the buildings sector can be avoided with net economic benefit.”

She also added that employment opportunities, poverty alleviation, and reducing energy import dependence are the co-benefits of energy efficient buildings.

Katalin Zaim also gave some examples on energy efficiency projects in Croatia, Armenia and Bulgaria.

Energy efficiency project

In 2011 UNDP Turkey and General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (EİE) has started a project entitled “Promoting Energy Efficiency in Turkey” which aims to ensure reducing energy consumption in new and existing buildings in Turkey.

Turkish Ministry of Public Works and Settlements and Turkish Prime Ministry Housing Development Agency (TOKİ) are other partners of the project.

For more information on Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project, please click here.