Building sustainable business leaders

01 Jan 2011


UNDP Turkey has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Koç University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB)to increase awareness on issues related to sustainable development and identify opportunities and challenges for the development of inclusive markets.

New Horizons - The strategic partnership will create institutional support by integrating inclusive market development issues in learning and research at one of Turkey’s leading business management institutions.

The partnership will lead to the establishment of an academic initiative on inclusive markets in Turkey, where academic research on issues like value chains and clustering in Turkey as well as South Eastern European countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States will be conducted. This will support the integration of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and small producers into international and local value chains.

By partnering with UNDP Turkey in the scope of regional Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) initiative, Koç University is taking a step further in responding to the global call for business schools and other academic associations to advance corporate social responsibility worldwide and to respond to the need for developing more inclusive markets.

As a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) – a framework for academic institutions to advance the broader cause of corporate social responsibility and incorporate universal values into curricula and research – Koç University’s Graduate School of Business will be an active partner to promote the inclusive markets in the faculty.

This will increase awareness about the Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) initiative in Turkey and target project countries and present an opportunity for students to participate in relevant research and advocacy activities.

This main objective will be supported by the facilitation of graduate level research and teaching on inclusive business models, market development and sustainability at the Base of the Pyramid and of ongoing mapping of local stakeholders from the government, civil society, private sector and the larger donor community in the area of inclusive businesses and markets.

UNDP organized four seminars for the Koç GSB MBA students for their “new venture” course. In this course, students will develop new enterprises with a responsible and inclusive perspective. The first seminar on poverty and poverty measurement aimed to improve MBA students’ understanding of poverty and familiarize them with the human development concept. At the second seminar, UNDP Private Sector Programme Manager Hansın Doğan informed the students on Corporate Social Responsibility and presented the Turkish experience. The third seminar focused on the concept of “Base of the Pyramid”. The final seminar, presented UNDP’s “inclusive market development” initiative, through case study analysis where a discussion on how to use the new Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) website and inclusive business models database for analyses took place.

To further these studies, UNDP and Koç University GSB has agreed to organize a workshop on the Base of the Pyramid and inclusive business models for Turkish business community executives.

The Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) initiative aims to catalyze more inclusive markets in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, through advocating for the development of inclusive business models and by creating an appropriate enabling environment for human progress and development.

UNDP Turkey plays an integral part in the GIM initiative together with the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) to respond to specific regional challenges.