Recommendations for youth policies

01 Dec 2010


With the experiences gathered throughout implementation of the S-UN Fund and active involvement of young people in the pilot provinces, the report titled ‘Recommendations for Youth Participation and Youth Policies’ was introduced at the Swiss-UNDP (S-UN) Fund for Youth’s closing reception in Ankara.

New Horizons - Findings and recommendations, which were shared during the closing reception, aim to provide a supplementary source of information for policy makers in the area of youth.

During its first and second terms, the S-UN Fund for Youth supported 33 grant projects in the pilot provinces of Adana, Balıkesir, Kocaeli, Konya and Muğla, allocating 490 thoousand dollars worth of grant support. While 98 young women and 100 young men took part in grant projects’ implementation, approximately two thousand young people participated in the projects’ activities.

The projects which are supported by the Swiss-UNDP Fund for Youth focused on the social integration of young women and men from migrant populations, youth employment in culture and tourism sectors and effective utilization of information and communication technologies. In line with the grant projects’ implementation, capacity building support and consultancy was provided for the young project teams.

The grant projects created good practices in encouraging youth employment, extending youth work and supporting social adaptation of young people at the local level. Along with young women and men from migrant populations, the grant projects also targeted young people with physical and mental disabilities, young convicts and detainees and young women under state protection.

In operation since September 2008, the Swiss-UNDP Fund for Youth is a grant and technical assistance programme implemented by the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, and UNDP. As a direct response to support Turkish Government’s efforts to support social integration of young people, the fund was entrusted to UNDP by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency.