Corruption prevents development

01 Dec 2010


In his message for the International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December 2010, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said "I call on business leaders worldwide to denounce corruption and to back their words with strict prohibitions against it.” Ban urged businesses around the world to strengthen their ties with the United Nations in the fight against anti-corruption.

New Horizons - Meanwhile, in an effort to intensify Turkey’s efforts against anti-corruption, the International Conference on Anti-corruption Measures in Turkey and Around the Globe, was organized by the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Inspection Board, UNDP Turkey and UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre in Ankara on 1-2 December 2010.

Speaking at the International Conference on Anti-corruption Measures in Turkey and Around the Globe, the United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative Shahid Najam said corruption prevents the development of many societies around the world. Underlining the fact that effective prevention of corruption will eliminate injustice, Najam argued that the fight against anti-corruption requires focused and well-directed policies.

In his opening speech, State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek said all parts of society have an important role to play in fighting corruption. “Fighting corruption requires international cooperation” Çiçek noted.

Bringing together UNDP representatives and other international organizations working in the area of anti-corruption with representatives of the media, private sector and civil society organizations, objectives of the conference included creating awareness within the public on recently introduced national anti-corruption strategy in Turkey and thereby contributing to its effective implementation, facilitating dialogue and information exchange on recent trends in the fight against corruption, among international experts, officials of the Turkish public administration and practitioners with hands on experience and substantive knowledge, and contributing to the improvement of public, private and NGO cooperation in the field of anti-corruption in Turkey.

Designed to discuss different issues of anti-corruption in six separate sessions, the conference resulted in the discussion and collection of updated information about recent trends in anti-corruption, raising public awareness on the recently introduced National Anti-corruption Strategy, and the generation of new ideas and recommendations for improved public, private and NGO cooperation in the implementation of this strategy.

UNDP Turkey has recently initiated its first partnership with the Government of Turkey in the area of anti-corruption with the project entitled “Support to Effective Implementation of National Anti-Corruption Strategy in Turkey”, which is expected to lay the ground for a long-term partnership in the design and implementation of effective anti-corruption activities. The Conference on Anti-Corruption Measures which is considered the first step and launching event of this project, UNDP aims to support knowledge and experience sharing on recent developments on anti-corruption and awareness raising activities about the importance of the issue.