Employment discussed at World Youth Congress

01 Sep 2010

UN Joint Programme “Growth with Decent Work for All: A Youth Employment Programme in Antalya” attended the 5th World Youth Congress.

New Horizons - In effect since 1999, the World Youth Congress (WYC) which brings together youth from across the world on issues concerning “youth and development” took place between 31 July and 13 August 2010 at Yıldız Technical University’s Davutpaşa Campus in Istanbul.

Various seminars, roundtable sessions and workshops were conducted in the scope of the World Youth Congress. Tülin Seçen, UNDP’s consultant for the UN Joint Programme moderated the “Youth Led Job Creation” roundtable seminar on the third day of the Congress. Andrew Fiddaman (Programme Administrator, Prince’s Youth Business International), Jeff Avina (Administrator, Entrepreneurship Programme, Microsoft), Markus Pilgrim (Administrator, UN Youth Employment Network), David Woollcombe (President, Peace Child International) were other adult participants at the roundtable meeting. Tariq Al-Olaimy from Bahrain, Ssegawa Meddy from Uganda, Juan Nascimbene from Argentina, Mayang Rizky from Indonesia and Enes Koçak from Turkey were the youth representatives.

At the meeting where critical points related to employment issues were addressed both from the perspective of youth and the perspective of adults. Experts underlined the importance of encouraging youth to become entrepreneurs and shared solutions on how the youth can contribute to the unemployment problem. Young participants described their concerns and proposed solutions on how to overcome unemployment. The most pressing issue for all participants was to create platforms where youth can participate in decision-making and policy-formation processes which will involve youth CSOs to play a more active role. Following the roundtable sessions, the participants gathered in groups to develop ideas and propose possible measures to increase the number of young entrepreneurs. Measures included developing grants programmes for young entrepreneurs, ensuring special tax deductions and the creation of enabling environments for idea sharing.

During another event, “Growth with Decent Work for All: A Youth Employment Programme in Antalya” UN Joint Programme representatives, along with representatives from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) informed participants about youth oriented projects in Turkey and answered questions.

The congress also hosted an exhibition where UN agencies introduced various projects they run in Turkey. At the exhibition, participant questions on UN projects were answered and brochures, reports and posters were distributed. State Minister Faruk Nafiz Özak also visited the UN stand to find out more about UN projects.