S-UN Fund awards last projects

01 Apr 2010


With planned activities such as migration-mapping in Kocaeli, a cultural festival in Balıkesir and vocational trainings and yayla tours in Adana, it looks as though Swiss-UNDP (S-UN) Fund for Youth has saved the best for last. 

New Horizons - $187,995  worth of grants will be allocated to 14 projects and project owners - 50 of whom are young women and 36 young men - will receive capacity building support and technical consultancy. Along with young women and men who are affected by internal migration, the Swiss-UNDP Fund for Youth’s second term projects also include young people with physical and mental disabilities, young convicts and young women and men under state protection, both as project owners and beneficiaries.

The projects that are supported by the Swiss-UNDP Fund for Youth are focusing on social integration of young women and men from migrant populations, youth employment in culture and tourism sectors and effective utilization of information and communication technologies.

A total number of 101 grant applications were received in pilot provinces Adana, Balıkesir and Kocaeli during the Swiss-UNDP Fund for Youth’s second and last term. 

Following the completion of awarded projects’ implementation in November 2010, youth policy recommendations will be developed with the participation of young women and men. The youth policy recommendations will be based on the experience and knowledge accumulated throughout implementation of 34 youth projects that are being supported in the Swiss-UNDP Fund’s first and second terms.

Swiss-UNDP Fund for Youth is a grant and technical assistance programme that has been implemented by the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, and UNDP. As a direct response to support Turkish Government’s efforts to support social integration of young people, the Fund was entrusted to UNDP by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency.