The S-UN continues to shine

15 Dec 2009


It’s time for young men and women to put on their thinking caps as the second term of grant applications for the S-UN Fund for Youth have begun in Adana, Balıkesir and Kocaeli.

New Horizons - The application period will continue until 26 February 2010. Young people from 15 to 26 years of age are invited to submit project proposals in cooperation with public offices, civil society organizations and youth centers in their cities.

Starting on 1 December, grant proposals in cooperation with corporate partners will be prepared by young women and men where youth centres in three cities will act as potential corporate partners for all youth groups during application.Projects will receive funding up to USD 20,000.

Following the first term of grant applications, the S-UN Fund has been supporting 20 youth initiatives in Konya, Muğla and Kocaeli since May 2009. A total amount of USD 303,000 is being transferred to these projects. Aside from being used for project execution, the funds also contribute to young project owners personal development who receive trainings and consultancy in project development and management.

Swiss-UNDP Fund for Youth is a grant and technical assistance programme that has been implemented by the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, and UNDP.  As a direct response to support Turkish Government’s efforts to support social integration of young people, the Fund was entrusted to UNDP by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency.

The S-UN Fund for Youth supports initiatives of young women and men, which aim social integration of young migrant populations, youth employment in culture and tourism sectors and effective utilization of information and communication technologies.