Human security handbook published

01 May 2009


The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Human Security Unit has recently published a handbook titled Human Security in Theory and in Practice: Application of the Human Security Concept and the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security outlining a step-by-step strategy for developing, implementing and evaluating human security programmes and projects. 

New Horizons - Human security is briefly defined by The Commission on Human Security (CHS) as protecting the vital core of all human lives in ways that enhance human freedoms and human fulfillment while bringing together the ‘human elements’ of security, rights and development.

The report analyzes the concept of human security in Post-Conflict Situations and in Situations of Food Insecurity. Over the last decade, approximately 60 countries have been identified as countries in conflict or emerging from violent conflicts. The urgency and the costs in failing to secure peace, makes success in post-conflict situations critical not only to the achievement of human security but also to the attainment of regional and international security.

In 2007, there was an estimated 923 million people, an increase of more than 80 million since1990 (FAO, 2008), who faced persistent hunger and food insecurity. Despite widespread impact in both developed and developing countries, the communities most heavily impacted by food insecurity reside in countries located largely in Africa and Asia. 

By concentrating on the concept of Human Security in various countries such as The Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador and Kosovo, the report outlines an integrated inter-agency approach involving the UNDP among other agencies like the FAO, UNICEF, WHO, ILO, UNV,UNFPA, OHCHR and UNHCR. These agencies are providing institutional support. to address human security needs of the targeted communities in the areas of public safety, coexistence and reconciliation, health, education, training, employment, poverty, displacement, conflict prevention and the protection of minority rights.

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