Cycling House runs on solar energy

01 May 2009


The Cycling House, which operates on solar energy, within the scope of the Life Plus Cycling for 100% Project, has been inaugurated on 11 April 2009, with the participation of Mustafa Bozkurt, Mayor of Nilüfer in the Bursa province of Turkey.

New Horizons - Partners of the Life Plus Youth Programme (UNDP and the Coca-Cola Team), YADA Foundation, Coca-Cola Bursa Factory employees, the people of Nilüfer and students of the Uludağ University also participated in the opening.

The first demonstration area, which provides the experience of life with solar energy-run systems conists of 2 hobby houses and a greenhouse as part of the “Cycling for 100%” project that aims to disseminate the use of renewable energy resources.

The project is realised by Başka Association and Nilüfer Yerel Gündem 21 with the support of the Life Plus Youth Programme, formed in 2005 by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Coca-Cola Turkey to support and promote youth initiatives that focus on the creation of innovative, creative, participatory and sustainable environmental projects aiming to positively impact and benefit society.  

"Cycling for 100%” is a project that offering the experience of living with systems that produce while they consume, without having to completely giving up daily habits.

Within the Cycling for 100% Houses, 1040 watts of electricity can be produced via 8 photovoltaic batteries that produce 130 watts of electricity per hour. The facility’s refrigerators, computers, water heaters, cameras and lights function with this electricity. The Cycling Greenhouse obtains 70% of the heating energy it needs from solar energy. The 100 square metre area of the greenhouse is heated with solar energy systems in the winter. Thanks to the solar energy it uses to meet its heating and electricity needs, the Cycling for 100% House prevents 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission a year.

In addition to “Cycling for 100%” the “Life Plus” Youth Programme has been supporting 6 projects in its fourth phase. Among ongoing projects, “Seyfe Dryland Becomes a Lake,” “Manyas Demands its Clean Water Back” and “Clean Gediz Pace by Pace” aim to preserve water resources and wetlands.