Applications for "Life Plus" start

01 Apr 2009


The “Life Plus Youth Programme”, which has been implemented since 2005 through the joint efforts of Coca-Cola Turkey and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), started the application process on 20 March 2009 for the 2009-2010 period.

New Horizons - The “Life Plus Youth Programme”, which has a fund of 1.5 million dollars and aims to develop solutions to social and environmental issues from the youth perspective, provides support for projects by young people in the ages 16-26. Besides financial support worth 5-50,000 dollars, training and consultancy services are also provided for environmental projects.

The projects supported within the framework of the “Life Plus” Youth Programme are selected every year from applications received from all over Turkey. The projects, which develop solutions directed at particular environmental issues, are expected to focus on implementations such as awareness raising, empowerment, the organisation of an activity or the realisation of a research. It is very important that the projects include collaborations with local administrations and non-governmental organisations and therefore are sustainable.

Among ongoing projects, the ones that stand out are “Seyfe Dryland Becomes a Lake,” “Manyas Demands its Clean Water Back” and “Step by Step Clean Gediz” all of which aim to preserve water resources and wetlands. The “Seyfe Dryland Becomes a Lake” prepares a participatory action plan together with local people that includes the reasons and methods of solution for the desiccation of the lake. “Manyas Demands its Clean Water Back” aims to institutions, the private sector and local administrators for the prevention of the pollution of the lake. The “Step by Step Clean Gediz” project consists of an initiative to raise awareness regarding the pollution of the river and to prevent the pollution with the participation of students. Another environmental project initiated in Balıkesir and entitled “One Drop One Thousand Crops Everywhere” aims to encourage drip irrigation in agriculture and to prevent waste of water and loss of soil. 

How are projects selected?

The first stage consists of the presentation of a preliminary application where the fundamental aspects of the project and the theme of the project are presented succinctly. The preliminary application is evaluated by a technical committee. Following this evaluation based on a set of criteria, representatives of eligible teams are invited to the “Life Plus Meeting” held in Istanbul. The aim of this one week meeting is to provide young people with the opportunity to get together and to evaluate and develop their projects in workshops held with other young people and with specialists. The teams that participate in this training acquire the right to make the principal application. Following the evaluation of the principal applications by a selection committee consisting of representatives from UNDP and from Coca-Cola, the projects to be provided support by the Programme are selected.

Application calendar for the period 2009 - 2010

20 March 2009              Beginning of applications for the 5th Period

15 May 2009                 Deadline for preliminary applications

22 June 2009                 Announcement of preliminary application results

12 July 2009                  Meeting in Istanbul

31 July 2009                  Deadline for principal applications

07 August 2009             Announcement of winners

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