Everyone will have computer skills

01 Feb 2009


One of the biggest obstacles for Turkey's full utilization of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and transformation into information society is digital gap. The first stage in closing the digital gap is providing access to information for disadvantaged groups, thereby increasing the number of computer-literate people.

New Horizons - In light of this target, Youth Association for Habitat, United Nations Development Programme and Turkey Vodafone Foundation supported Microsoft Turkey's "Turkey Develops with ICT" vision, and developed the project called "Bridging Digital Divide: Empowerment of Youth for E-Transformation of Turkey". Also known as "Everyone Will Have Computer Skills", the project has a motto: “Target: 1.000.000.” In fact, the project aims to make one million young people computer literate.

"Everyone Will Have Computer Skills" project aims to increase information technologies skills of 1.000.000 young people through European Computer Driving License training (ECDL) to be provided over the internet and make youth effective individuals in transformation into information society. Primary target audience of the project is disadvantaged young people under the age of 30. Girls and women are given special emphasis in this project.

The project not only aims to close the digital gap, but it will also help fill in the employment gap in information and communication technologies.


"Empowerment of Youth for E-Transformation of Turkey" project envisages providing internet-based European Computer Driving License training to 1.000.000 young people from 81 cities, with the target of closing the digital gap in Turkey.

ECDL e-training modules consist of 7 sections that include computer theory and practice:

Module 1 - Concepts of Information Technology

Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files

Module 3 - Word Processing

Module 4 - Spreadsheets

Module 5 - Database

Module 6 - Presentation

Module 7 - Information and Communication

ECDL e-training user passwords will be delivered to young people in all over Turkey by over 200 volunteer trainers of "Empowerment of Youth for Improved E-Governance in Turkey" project from 43 cities, who delivered face-to-face basic computer training since 2005 to thousands of young people, and through youth platforms founded under Turkey's Local Agenda 21 (LA-21).

Volunteer trainers will deliver basic computer training through face-to-face peer trainings to disadvantaged young people without computer and internet knowledge. Volunteer peer training team will also work as regional counseling units for supporting young people in problems that may occur during their training.

100.000 young people will be informed about innovations in information technologies and other youth activities in Turkey through the internet portal created. With the biggest training and youth network of Turkey, it is targeted that young people will contribute to project objectives through forums.

Upon reaching 1.000.000 young people who receive training over the Internet, "Empowerment of Youth for Improved E-Governance in Turkey" project will be the biggest information and communication technologies literacy project that has been implemented in Turkey.


As part of the project, a training management system was created in order to assess the abilities of young people who started the training and to collect data about how the system is used by young people. The database formed in the training management system will make it possible to perform important analyses related to ICT and youth in Turkey.