Welcome me to your digital world

01 Jan 2009


The “Welcome Me to Your Digital World"  portal was launched in İstanbul with the participation of over 100 people including Chairman of Intel Craig Barrett, UN Resident Coordinator in Turkey Mahmood Ayub and Salih Çelik from the Ministry of Education.

New Horizons - “Welcome Me to Your Digital World” is a digital inclusion program to reach rural and low income boys and girls and local youth councils through Social Media. The aim of this Project is to bridge the divide between young people who lack and cannot afford home access to computers in rural Turkey. It is aimed at including digitally excluded 1,600 poor school-age boys and girls in digital life by equipping them with computers, and enabling them to access and contribute to online knowledge creation.

The "Welcome Me to Your Digital World" portal is in partnership with Intel, UNDP, Youth for Habitat and The Turkish Informatics Foundation. The strategy involves the distribution of new and used computers to poor boys and girls by building a bridge between the donors and beneficiaries through the social media portal. The portal is rich in educational content and also fun to access. Coached by their teachers, students can place essays, artwork, photos or similar content to express themselves. 

The portal will operate initially as a pilot project in 11 schools at the primary, secondary and high school levels. It is currently running at four primary schools, with seven to 10 teachers and 60 to100 students actively participating at each school.

The end result of this new portal will be the creation of an infrastructure and a management model for the expansion to all digitally excluded communities in Turkey.