A new youth fund for new ideas

01 Jan 2009


“Development Marketplace”, a competition program executed by the World Bank globally, regionally and locally, is being implemented in Turkey this year in order to support innovative ideas of young people. Within the frame of the programme, with the support of UNDP Turkey Office as well as many other partners, Turkey Development Marketplace will be organized.

New Horizons - Development Marketplace competition will be held in 2009 under the theme “Youth in Turkey: Shaping our Future”. Innovative projects having high potential impact on development will be funded by the competition.

Under the Development Marketplace competition “Youth in Turkey: Shaping Our Future”, USD 20,000 funding will be provided for the projects that will create new forms of idea and new beginnings for today’s young people.

While the competition is open to all civil society organizations, project groups, youth communities, vocational schools, city councils and municipalities, the target group of submitted projects must be between 15-24 years old.

Proposals will be accepted until February 15, 2009. Project proposals must be submitted in electronic format through the website by filling the preliminary application form. Please read the Pre-application Guidebook at the website. Before preparing your project, remember to complete the online “Project Cycle Training” which you can access from the menu on the home page.

Development Marketplace competition invites proposals for projects to help improve the lives of youth in Turkey. Projects may be focused, for example, on around one or more of the following thematic areas:

Starting Our Work-life: More and Better Jobs for Young People

E.g.: creating jobs, learning about jobs, entering jobs, and young people in business, etc.

Building Our Skills: More and Better Education for Young People

E.g.: transforming what we learn and how we learn, from school to work, vocational training, learning “on the job”, etc.

Raising Our Voices: Participation, Inclusion, and Engagement of Young People

E.g.: empowering girls and young women, raising awareness in the community about youth needs, youth engaging in their community, supporting vulnerable or disadvantaged youth, forming leaders of tomorrow, etc.

Building Bridges to Our Future: Engaging with Partners

E.g.: creating partnerships across countries, regions, cultures, or generations for volunteering, art, business, entrepreneurship, leadership etc.

For Contact:

Tel.: 0 312 419 87 31

Fax: 0 312 446 24 42

E-mail : bilgi@yaraticifikirler.org

January 2009 presentation program for “Development Marketplace Turkey, 2009”  Youth in Turkey: Shaping Our Future funding program is as follows:


Meeting Date              : 05.01.2009

Meeting Place             : Governership of Muş Conference Hall

Meeting Time              : 10.00



Meeting Date              :06.01.2009

Meeting Place             :Batman Municipality Conference Hall

Meeting Time              :10.30


Meeting Date              : 07.01.2009

Meeting Place            : STGM Diyarbakır Local Support Centre

              Fabrika Cad. Sümer Park Kampusu

              Kent Gönüllüleri Binası Kat:1


Meeting Time              : 13.00