Effective water usage campaign

01 Oct 2008


The “Saray Effective Water Usage Training Campaign” commenced with a training provided to school teachers of the Saray Primary School on 9 September 2008 in the context of the “Water Supply and Usage Improvement in Saray” project implemented by UNDP and Coca-Cola in partnership with Saray Municipality (Ankara).

New Horizons -
The training which was also participated by the Saray Municipality officials was given by Prof. Dr. Kemal Sönmez from Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture. The training aims to raise awareness on increasing local people’s access to safe drinking water, conscious and effective management and usage of water and water resources and protection of water resources. Promotion materials such as booklets and stationary were also provided during the training. Following the training provided to school teachers, the campaign will continue with trainings that will be given to women and students. Regarding the campaign, Saray Mayor Hasan Coşkun stated that this training campaign aims to inform the locals on conscious water usage and to show the seriousness of the water distress Turkey faces.

Apart from the trainings, the infrastructure of Saray was also improved in the context of the project. Water pipes were renewed and pipes with asbestos – that have cancerogenic impacts - were replaced with ductile steel pipes that are appropriate for today’s health conditions. Through this renovation, possible explosions and water loss were prevented and access to safe and healthy drinking water was provided for 15 thousand people.

“Water Supply and Usage Improvement in Saray” project is a sub-project of a broader project titled “Every Drop Matters” implemented by UNDP’s Bratislava Regional Office and Coca-Cola Eurasia. The regional water project that is implemented in 21 countries aims to increase safe drinking water resources, support environment-friendly technologies, increase global awareness on water consumption and to replace used water. The project that was initiated in 2007 is expected to last five years.

To receive detailed information on the “Every Drop Matters” project, please visit www.everydropmatters.com.