Quality of life in 14 villages is being improved

01 Sep 2008


Quality of life will be improved in fourteen villages in the Southeast Turkey with the support of the Government of Turkey, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the United Nations Development Progamme (UNDP).

New Horizons - Studies on existing sanitation conditions have been completed in fourteen villages of Diyarbakır, Siirt and Batman provinces, and the sewage systems have been completed in three of them (Ünsaldı and Beyçayırı in Batman and Doluharman in Siirt). Sanitation sewer works are still continuing in the İkizbağlar and Beykent villages of Siirt. By the end of 2009, all fourteen villages (seven villages in Diyarbakır, four in Batman and three in Siirt) will have new sewage systems, including sewer pipelines, manholes, septic tanks and natural treatment plants.

Within the Diyarbakır-Batman-Siirt Development Project, there will be other small-scale  works for irrigation and sewerage improvement as well as the implementation of safe drinking sources for animals in the selected fourteen villages. Studies will be conducted in order to diversify agriculture and raise overall levels of economic activity. Village meetings and seminars will also be organized to increase sensibility towards sanitation and hygiene at the local level. Based on the results of the supply chain analyses, Strategic Investment Plans will be developed and grants will be provided to support small-scale individual enterprises and large enterprises.

The Diyarbakır-Batman-Siirt Development Project led by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs aims to increase agricultural productivity and income levels in the less-developed regions of Diyarbakır, Batman and Siirt in southeastern Anatolia, develop innovative strategies with real impact on the ground in these three provinces, expand rural employment opportunities and encourage individual and group initiatives of smallholders. The project also aims to improve social infrastructure, build and strengthen self-sustaining institutions and in general improve the living conditions of the rural men and women.

The project aims to achieve its goals through three integrated components:

·        Village Improvement Programme: aiming at mitigating poverty at the village level. In this context awareness raising activities, farmer education and trainings and investments in small-scale social and economic village infrastructure initiatives will be realized.

·        Rural Economic Growth: aims to create a transparent, efficient and sustainable market economy in the project area. This component does not only cover participating villages but all rural areas in Diyarbakır, Batman and Siirt. In this context, services will be provided on rural supply chain management, business intermediation and staff capacity building. Rural finance and contributory grants will also be provided.

·        Capacity Building for Employment: will ensure access to better-paid employment in the emerging local economy.

UNDP is a key partner to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in the implementation of the Diyarbakır-Batman-Siirt Development Project. It facilitates  project administration in terms of flow of funds, programming, accounting and audit, procurement of goods and services and quality assurance.

UNDP also provides strategic development policy advice to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs based on best practices and lessons learned during the implementation at the field level. The project that started in December 2007 will be completed by the end of 2012.