Global Compact Turkey Network convenes

01 Jul 2008

On 10 June 2008, a conference on the current procedures of the Global Compact Network was organized by the Turkish Quality Association (Kalder) at Istanbul Bilgi University.

New Horizons - The conference was inaugurated with Prof. Dr. Murat Güvenç - member of the Board of Trustees at Bilgi University - signing the Global Compact on behalf of Bilgi University.

Among the participants were academics, state institutions officials and NGOs as well as representatives of the private sector from every sector at every scale, including representatives of approximately 100 Global Compact member firms.

Following the signing ceremony, issues such as the revision of the mission and membership structure of the Executive Council, corporate social responsibility (CSR) implementations, monitoring and CSR reporting were taken up. Programme Manager at UNDP’s private sector office in Istanbul Hansin Doğan on the other hand delivered a speech and explained the Global Compact’s current situation. Doğan presented the Global Compact Turkey Network activities and shared his experiences from the recent Regional Global Compact Network meeting in Athens and touched upon the opportunities and challenges of the Global Compact efforts.

During the meeting workshops were also organized in which participants took up a wide variety of issues such as measures to be taken to make the Executive Council more effective, sharing of good examples among Global Compact members, monitoring Global Compact reporting, corporate social responsibility and the organization of the Global Compact Turkey Network.

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