Production with less water

01 Jun 2008


The implementation of the projects that received funds in late 2007 in the context of the Life Plus Youth Programme established by Coca-Cola Turkey and UNDP is continuing.

New Horizons - One of these projects is the “One Drop, Thousand Yields” project developed by Balıkesir University Faculty of Science and Letters (BİYOÇEV), Paşaköy Directorate of Agriculture and Credit Cooperative and Pamukçu-Aslıhan Tepecik Plains (prairie) Irrigation Union implemented in western town of Balıkesir. The project aims to implement the use of drip irrigation in Paşaköy pilot area instead of traditional irrigation methods and to prove that the same amount of productivity in agricultural products or more can be achieved with drip irrigation as well thus encouraging local farmers and producers to use drip irrigation.

In the context of the project, the plantation fields were identified and cleared, their soil analysis were realized, 3 different vegetables including pepper, corn and tomato were planted, in order to demonstrate that drip irrigation increases productivity not only in one product but several products. The first hoeing was realized and a panel was organised to introduce the project to local farmers and to highlight the importance of drip irrigation. In addition, a drip irrigation system was established and a Green Nature Association was established to facilitate the communication and sharing of information among neighbouring villages.

Towards the end of the project, the products that have been harvested will be compared with products obtained using surface irrigation. The comparison will include criteria such as the height of plants and the number of their flowers. The results will be reported. Other future activities will include organizing panels to share the results of the project and to raise awareness among farmers and producers followed by a Harvest Festival that will take place in August 2008.

Through the project, the implementors of the project aim to increase the number of farmers and producers who use drip irrigation, thus decreasing the use of excess water and loss of land. The project that commenced in March 2008 has a budget worth 12 thousand 500 dollars and will end in August 2008. Other institutions that support the project are Balıkesir Plains Irrigation Union, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, General Directorate of Agriculture and Credit Central Union of Turkey, Public Waterworks Administration and Balıkesir University.

The Life Plus Youth Programme supports innovative, creative, participatory and sustainable projects developed by youth aged 16-26 and encourages youth to design projects that will find solutions to environmental and societal problems. The Life Plus Youth Programme gives 3 thousand to 30 thousand dollars for each project.