One young person for each assembly

01 Jun 2008


The Local Agenda 21 National Youth Parliament that convened for the fourth time in Ankara on 17-20 May 2008 initiated a campaign designed for the local elections in 2009.

New Horizons - In the context of the campaign with the slogan of “One Youth Representative for Each Assembly”, efforts will be given for ensuring at least one youth representative in each provincial council or municipality.

300 people from 81 cities and representatives of youth assemblies attended the 4th Ordinary General Meeting organised by UNDP, United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA) and Youth for Habitat. At the meeting attended by State Minister responsible for youth Murat Başesgioğlu, Head of Department at the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Local Administrations Mustafa Yardımcı, UNDP Istanbul Programme Manager Hansin Doğan and Local Agenda 21 National Coordinator Sadun Emrealp as speakers, regional presentations, discussions, workshops and a roundtable meeting on “The Role of Youth in Localizing Millennium Development Goals” were held this year similar to previous years.

Moreover a reception was organised in the context of the 19th May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, the Local Agenda 21 National Youth Parliament film was shown, stands exhibiting the works of local youth assemblies were established and folk dance shows were realized. The reception was attended by former Minister of Labour and Social Security Yaşar Okuyan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Selahattin Çimen and President of the Turkish Parliamentarians Union Hasan Korkmazcan.

The meeting ended with the identification of the Local Agenda 21 National Youth Parliament Education and Coordination Group, the award ceremony for the best youth assembly and the reciting of the 19th May Declaration (in Turkish) at the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 20 May 2008. The Local Agenda 21 Diyarbakır Youth Assembly was awarded as the best youth assembly of 2008.

The Local Agenda 21 National Youth Parliament was officially established in May 2004 at a summit attended by 297 delegations from 75 cities however the groundwork of its establishment was realized at a summit organized in 2003 with the participation of youth aseemblies and youth houses – that were established in Turkey’s various cities since 1997 by Youth for Habitat and Local Agenda 21 Youth Association – in order to establish a national network among each other. The fact that youth do not have a say in the preparation and implementation of youth polices, that they are distanced from the processes of planning, decision-taking and implementation and that they are not equally represented in the government and other institutions resulted in establishing a platform by bringing together these youth assemblies in order to ensure that they participate in local administrations thus having a voice.

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