Report for new generations in Kosova

01 Jun 2007

The 2006 Kosovo Human Development Report published in April 2007 brings youth under the microscobe and analyses youth’s situation, concerns and hopes throughout the society.

New Horizons - The report examines possible opportunites and focuses on the importance of education in increasing these opportunities to make young individuals of Kosovo to be better prepared for their future.

Kosovo is one of the provinces with the youngest population in Europe. Half the population in Kosovo is under 25 years old which necessatitates the focus on young people more than ever. Youth represents the future for any country; however, the current political situation and the current transition phase in Kosovo has made it difficult for youth to blend in with the community without having any fears or uncertainties regarding the future. In the light of these facts the 2006 Kosovo Human Development Report aims to highlight youth’s role in the future thus encouraging them to participate more actively in the society as well as in decision-making mechanisms.

The report starts by giving general information on youth in Kosovo and indexes that show the links between education and entering into the work force and continues to examine education opportunities such as pre-university education as well as the higher education system for youth in a more detailed way. Following issues on youth education, the report evaluates the current situation of youth in crossing from school to work. The report underlines the fact that transition from school to work is not realized in an efficient way in Kosovo and recommends smoother methods to make the transition easier such as vocational schools that create job opportunities in all fields. Finally the report concentrates on the importance of youth participation into the society, democracy, political life and other decision-making mechanisms. Unfortunately, in Kosovo, youth participation in NGOs, politics, decision-making mechanisms and other social issues is minimal.

The report understands the importance youth plays in society in lifting economic and political barriers thus contributing to social development and makes recommendations accordingly. The report supports government institutions to work together in programs that will increase job opportunities for youth thus making them less dependant on their families and suggests that all institutions should work together to encourage youth to take part and contribute in the development of Kosovo. As the report quite appropriately puts it: “Engaging young people meaningfully is only possible if they feel hopeful about their educational and employment prospects”.

The 2006 Kosovo Human Development Report is a product of 18 months of consultations with focus groups, students, NGOs, youth forum representatives from political parties, parents, unemployed individuals, artists, civil servants, minority groups as well as politicians, journalists and the business community. 1200 individuals between 15-29 were surveyed and seven workshops were formed during the preparation period of the report.

To read the English version of the 2006 Kosovo Human Development Report please click here.