IFAD mission to Sivas and Erzincan

01 Jun 2007

A mission consisting of the representatives of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) visited the eastern provinces of Sivas and Erzincan, Turkey on 19-30 May 2007 to monitor the outcomes of the Sivas-Erzincan Rural Development Project.

New Horizons - In this regard, the main objective of the mission was to assess, together with the Government and UNDP counterparts, whether the current project design, goals, objectives, components and implementation arrangements are in line with the present policy framework set by the Turkish Government.

Moreover, the mission assessed the overall implementation progress, financial management and procurement procedures, management and coordination, and the agricultural development of the project. In line with the assessment and comments of the IFAD mission, revisions on the project design will be made if necessary.

Sivas-Erzincan Development Project focuses on increasing agricultural productivity and income levels of the rural poor in the less developed parts of Sivas and Erzincan provinces, expanding rural employment opportunities and encouraging individual and group initiatives of smallholders, enhancing social and productive infrastructure, building and strengthening self-sustaining institutions that cater directly to the rural poor and improving the living conditions of the rural poor, especially of women. In this context, in terms of eradicating poverty and promoting gender equality, the project ensures significant progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Sivas and Erzincan.

UNDP Turkey responsible for the administration of the project is a key stakeholder and the implementing partner of Sivas Erzincan Rural Development Project with a 30 million USD worth of budget and 7 years of (2007-2012) implementation period.