Cooperation for sustainable development

01 Jun 2007

At the 15th meeting of the United Nations Sustainable Development Commission held on 3 May 2007 in New York, officials from the Turkish State Planning Organization and UNDP Turkey, explained the “Integration of Sustainable Development into Sectoral Policies” project and stated that the aim of the project is to meet the needs of today without endangering the needs of future generations.

New Horizons  - The project that is being implemented jointly with the European Union aims to integrate the sustainable development concept into Turkish sectoral policies in the fields of agriculture, energy, technology and production. In the context of the project, development policies that will be applied to the agriculture, energy, urbanization, information and technology sectors are being designed to determine Turkey’s national sustainable development strategy in the future. Moreover, in order to realize sustainable development, 23 projects are being supported in 18 provinces in the pilot sectors. NGOs and local authorities are giving their support to these projects. Niyazi İlter, head of Social Physical Infrastructure department at the State Planning Organization General Directorate of Social Sectors and Coordination said: “the private sector understands the importance of sustainable development projects in Turkey”. Project coordinator Atila Uras added that integration of sustainable development into sectoral policies can only be achieved thorugh cooperation among sectors.

The “Integration of Sustainable Development into Sectoral Policies Project” is a continuation of Turkey’s works in the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Summit Action Plan and among the other issues that were discussed in the meeting were pollution, climate change, energy and industrial developments. The meeting continued until 11 May 2007.