All-inclusive website for youth

01 Jun 2007

The new website designed exclusively for young people, offering a wealth of information on youth issues, as its name suggests, is now on-line.

New Horizons - was created with the joint contributions of UNDP, British Council and GSM-Youth Services Centre to deliver comprehensive information not readily available in any other single website. It offers sources and documents on youth rights and opportunities, about the expectations and needs of young people and how much they are met, about youth activities and projects in different countries, and much more…

The website includes many interest areas such as policies, activities, events, campaigns, programmes, projects, festivals, educational grants, magazines, books and documents specifically concerning youth. In short, it is a bridge of knowledge for and between young people. Activities and events connecting Turkish and international youth are organized under the “Bridge of Knowledge” link.

National Youth Report

“Youth” is the theme of UNDP’s 2007 National Human Development Report. The report will give an overall picture of youth in Turkey. Written by young people themselves, the progress of the National Youth Report can be followed at each step on

Via this website, young people can contribute their ideas, opinions and essays to be included in the National Report, by writing to the “Youth Column”.

Young Messengers

The website has delegated young volunteers to represent the website in 81 towns in Turkey. The volunteers will promote the website and encourage all young people to become a part of this project and contribute to it.

The translations of the published texts are also undertaken by young volunteers. The web pages were designed in such a way as to avail them to visually-impaired people, too.

Through this website, it is hoped to make a little contribution to improving the life quality of people who are going through “the best years of their lives”.