Another window of opportunity: Garlic production

01 Jun 2006


Adıyaman Textile Training Centre and Clustering are the flagships of Adıyaman GIDEM Office. But they have another 'window of opportunity' in Adıyaman, and that is the Development of Garlic Production Project.

New Horizons - We hear the story of garlic from Sırrı Özen, the Coordinator of Adıyaman GIDEM.

Sırrı Özen (S.Ö.): Here, in the township of Tut, they produce and consume huge amounts of garlic. So we decided to make better use of this produce. In order to improve and increase the production of garlic, we had to first tackle with the industrial side of the business. So we prepared a project. It's a long, 2-year project. It involves planting, harvesting and product analysis. Having done these, we turned the final corner. Our garlic's quality improvement has been registered.We have determined the right formula of a better quality garlic. We are now waiting for the final analysis. We have also found an investor businessman who will take care of the production. He is a native of Tut, now living in Istanbul.

UNDP Turkey: With whom did you make the improvement tests?

S.Ö.: With a professor from the Ankara University. We also worked with farmers in a pilot field. We carried out demonstrations. The thing is to find the right formula, the right fertilizer, etc. When the final report arrives, we will hold a meeting with the farmers to discuss the results of the experimental work, what we have done so far, and we'll try to convince the farmers to produce garlic with this new method. We are working in cooperation with the local Government of Tut. The project will be completed this year, we've been working for two years now. Then, we'll organize the farmers.

UNDP Turkey: By "organizing", do you mean encouraging them?

S.Ö.: Yes. In any case, after convincing a couple of farmers and showing them the product improvement, all farmers will adopt the new method. As I've already said, we found the businessman who will make the investment. He is one of the biggest industrialists of Adıyaman. We also found the production fields. In any case, the investment cost is not so big; what is important is the marketing aspect. And our businessman has good marketing channels. What we have done, as GIDEM, was to improve the product, and increase its quality and competitiveness.

And support to women entrepreneurs

Nimet Peri is one of the graduates of the entrepreneurship training classes.

Amongst all their activities, GIDEM Adıyaman Office pays extra attention to support potential women entrepreneurs in the region. Within the framework of the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship Project, GIDEM has organized and conducted seven different training courses for women. The first women's association in the area of entrepreneurship in Adıyaman, Anatolian Women's Association (AKAD) was established under the leadership of GIDEM. Local women who attended GIDEM's courses have become craftswomen now, creating all sorts of handicrafts from dolls and knick-knacks to marble sculptures. Nimet Peri is one of the graduates of the entrepreneurship training classes. Thanks to the finance and management skills she learned in class, the restaurant business she opened in downtown Adıyaman has become more professional and successful. Here is her story in her own words:

Nimet Peri: I was a housewife, living in a government-owned apartment. I had the balcony of my flat covered and turned into a little shop where I sold clothing which I imported from Istanbul. Right from my balcony!. But later I went into a search to find a more disciplined job. That was when I had heard about GIDEM's training cources. I thought they would be very beneficial for me and I started attending regularly. I took many courses: marketing, business management, leadership, motivation, business building, finance. All of these proved very rewarding for me. They showed me my weaknesses and strengths. Before that, I used to do things by trial-and-error. These courses were like a university education for me.

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