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  • 15 Jan 2010
    Argande appears at Istanbul Fashion Week

    The 2010-2011 fall-winter collection of Argande will be exhibited in the Istanbul Fashion Week’ 10 between February 3-6. Argande brand has been introduced under the auspices of Project “Innovations for Women’s Empowerment in the GAP Region”; a collaborative venture between the United Nations Development Programme and Southeastern Anatolia Regional Development Administration with support of fashion designers and MUDO and financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

  • 01 Jan 2010
    S-UN Fund’s call for proposals to youth

    The Swiss-UN Fund, popularly known as S-UN Fund for Youth, continues with a second call for grant applications. Young women and men from 15 to 26 years of age and residing in Adana, Balıkesir or Kocaeli can submit their applications until 26 February 2010.

  • 01 Dec 2009
    Dreams take center stage

    While singing the famous folk song Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım (I am on a long narrow path) Şilay, was perhaps reflecting on the difficulties she faces daily as a disabled young woman.

  • 01 Dec 2009
    Dreams celebrate 2010

    Over 300 people welcomed 2010 at the Alternative New Year’s Party which took place on 28 December at the Ghetto night club in Istanbul.

  • 01 Nov 2009
    Ideas compete for Turkey

    Turkey’s considerable progress in implementing e-government practices is taking on a spin with a new competition where citizens will be able to submit their ideas to offer innovative e-government solutions.

  • 01 Nov 2009
    Comprehensive project to strengthen marine and coastal protected areas in Turkey begins

    An inception workshop for “Strengthening Protected Area Network of Turkey: catalyzing Sustainability of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas” was held on Thursday, November 12, 2009. This new project aims to facilitate the expansion of the national system of marine and coastal protected areas and improve its management effectiveness.

  • 01 Nov 2009
    Mediators receive training

    Judicial actors and potential mediators consisting of lawyers, law faculty graduates, academicians, and prosecutors gathered in various training seminars held from the last week of September to mid-October in Hatay and İzmir.

  • 01 Oct 2009

    Around the world, UN Information Centres (UNICs) and UN Country Team (UNCT) colleagues are being encouraged to reach out to educational institutions in their locations by speaking at local schools on or around 24 October 2009 to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the United Nations Charter marking the establishment of the organization.

  • 01 Oct 2009
    Social change by arts

    Leading musicians from different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds and talented disabled and socially disadvantaged artists come together to perform under Social Inclusion Band. Social Inclusion Band is an international social responsibility initiative which voices its motto as “Social Change by Arts”.

  • 01 Oct 2009
    Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and development

    Human development is about putting people at the centre of development. It is about people realizing their potential, increasing their choices and enjoying the freedom to lead lives they value. Since 1990, annual Human Development Reports have explored challenges including poverty, gender, democracy, human rights, cultural liberty, globalization, water scarcity and climate change.

  • 08 Sep 2009
    International Literacy Day

    In a world where knowledge and communication are the essential prerequisites of a decent life, it is a shocking fact that 776 million individuals – almost one in every six people in the world – are still illiterate.

  • 15 Aug 2009
    UNDP Turkey and Gender in Development publications

  • 13 Aug 2009
    Sustainability: Our challenge, our future

    Often synonymous with the future, the youth have enough on their plate to be able to see it brightly enough especially with unemployment increasing uncontrollably.

  • 01 Aug 2009
    Turkey's climate change plan

    Developing Turkey’s National Climate Change Action Plan project is underway. UNDP, together with the British Embassy in Ankara and the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry organized the inaugural meeting of the Developing Turkey’s National Climate Change Action Plan project in July with the participation of nearly 80 representatives from 55 different organizations.

  • 05 Jul 2009
    Mediation workshop in Afyon

    UNDP together with the Ministry of Justice organized a three-day “Working Meeting for the Development of a Toolkit on Mediation” on 7-10 July 2009 in Afyon with the participation of distinguished academicians, international consultants, practitioners and representatives of Ministry of Justice who have in-depth knowledge on victim-offender mediation in Turkey.

  • 01 Jul 2009
    They are swimming from Asia to Europe

    The strokes of Yasemin and Hande who want to contribute to social responsibility projects, will help in the growth and development of the Altenrative Camp and provide free summer vacations as well as trainings at the art camp for disabled and socially disadvantaged youth.

  • 01 Jun 2009
    Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change Grants Programme Commences in the Seyhan River Basin

    A Grants Programme is being initiated in the Seyhan River Basin in the context of the United Nations Joint Programme on Enhancing the Capacity of Turkey to Adapt to Climate Change. Projects developed on climate change adaptation in the Seyhan River Basin with a community based adaptation approach will be supported through the Grants Programme.

  • 01 Apr 2009
    Turkey's intangible cultural heritage

    Home to Turkey’s most ancient cultural landmarks, three different activities were launched in the scope of the Cultural Alliances in Eastern Anatolia UN Joint Programme in Kars during June and July 2009.

  • 31 Mar 2009
    UNDP calls for the prevention of human development crisis

    The current global economic crisis, which began with the severe strains on the financial and banking system in parts of the developed world, now risks triggering a human development catastrophe in the world’s poorest countries.

  • 24 Mar 2009
    Women-Men Equal Opportunities Commission in Turkey

    After more than 12 years of struggling and lobbying, the specialized commission for Gender equality will be established at the Turkish Grand National Assembly with the name of “Women-Men equal opportunities commission”.

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