UNDP Turkey celebrated the International Women’s Day with an inspiring social media campaign. Two videos and a “Songs from Women” playlist were shared with the public to remind once again that “resilient nations can only be built by empowered women!”

In the “Women of UNDP Turkey” video, the staff starred and expressed what the International Women’s Day mean to them, stressing that they work hard for empowered women and resilient nations. 


In the second video, stories of empowered women whose lives changed for the better through UNDP Turkey’s projects, are remembered.

In addition, as part of the campaign, a playlist of songs for women by Turkey’s beloved, pioneer women musicians was shared.

Please click here to listen to the “Songs from Women” playlist on Spotify and here to listen to it from YouTube.

On social media, posts shared with the hashtag #güçlükadınlargüçlütoplumlar (#empoweredwomenresilientnations) were quite popular among the followers and received high engagement.

Instagram posts got 3,207 views and 566 likes, and the Instagram stories got 11,467 views.

On Twitter, campaign posts were viewed 2,188 times, got 176 likes and 62 retweets.

On Facebook, 104,405 people were reached with posts which were viewed 16,100 times.

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