The importance of circular economy which puts redesigning production, resource efficiency and recycling forefront, is increasing day by day.

A 3-day training on "Circular Economy" was conducted for the first time within the scope of the "Integrated Resource Efficiency in Agriculture and Agro-d Industries in Southeast Anatolia" project, which is currently being conducted by the GAP Regional Development Administration, in co-operation with the UNDP in order to draw attention circular economy.

The purpose of the course, which was organized on 10-12 December 2018 at Bosphorus University was to increase the institutional capacities of the project stakeholders on circular economy, resource efficiency and environmental protection. 'Circular Business Models', 'Circular Economy Context', 'Innovation and Managing the Transition to a Circular Economy', 'Circular Supply Chains', 'Valorization of Organic Wastes as an Example of Circular Economy: Agricultural Wastes', and 'Renewable Energy Systems' were among the topics.

In total 21 representatives from GAP Regional Development Administration, UNDP Turkey CO, GAP Agricultural Research Institute, Batman Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, GAP-YENEV Center of Harran University, Adiyaman University, and Karacadag Development Agency attended the training.

The main objective of the "Integrated Resource Efficiency in Agriculture and Agro Industries in Southeast Anatolia (IRE)" project is to increase the effective and efficient utilization of the resources during production processes and to contribute to a sustainable regional development. The training and capacity development activities of the IRE project on improvement of the integrated resource efficiency in agricultural and agro-based industrial sectors are planned to be continued in 2019.

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