Resource efficiency analyses commenced at enterprises in GAP Region

Aug 1, 2018

Under the Project Integrated Resource Efficiency in Agriculture and Agro-based Industries in the Southeast Anatolia Region, efficient use of such resources as raw materials, energy, water and soil that directly impact productive sectors as well as such dimensions as climate change, ecosystem services, socio-economic fabric and gender are analysed in a holistic approach. The project is implemented by the GAP Regional Development Administration (GAP RDA) with technical cooperation of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

In the context of cooperation with METU MATPUM and Nature Conservation Centre Foundation, work is undertaken with the engagement of valuable experts who have scientific competence and practical experience in various fields such as agro-economy, agricultural engineering, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, biology, environmental protection, sociology and gender.

Following the field visits, data compilation and survey studies, focus group discussions and working group meetings, a strategic framework and proposals for pilot projects at sectoral level were developed for implementation in the subsequent phases of the project. In addition, the need emerged to undertake another study across GAP region to quantify and improve the efficiency in resource use in the enterprises operating in agriculture and agro-based industrial sectors. Starting from that, studies commenced to identify, on the basis of measurements and analyses, the loss of efficiency in enterprises in the links that constitute value chains for olive, cotton, corn, wheat, red pepper, Antep pistachios and sheep milk as selected under the project. These studies will be conducted under the cooperation protocol signed with Harran University GAP-YENEV Centre.

The studies of resource efficiency measurement and analyses will be conducted by a large team of academicians and experts of various disciplines on agricultural and industrial enterprises as well as enterprises engaging in logistics and warehousing. Based on one-on-one interviews with enterprises, it is intended to draw up 30 detailed reports to improve resource efficiency. Such detailed reports are to contribute to creating recommendations for support and policies for relevant products.

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