First training of the trainers started at Turkey’s first SME Capability Center (Model Factory)

Jul 1, 2018

Establishment and operationalization of the first SME Capability Center of Turkey is proceeding at ASO 1. Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) in Ankara. SME Capability Center initiative is being implemented in cooperation with Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO), ASO  1. OIZ and UNDP.

The first training of the trainers’ program was realized in 1-8 June 2018 to develop capacity and lay the groundwork before the official opening of the Center. Through this training program fulltime and part-time trainers, who will be conducting seminars on improving the productivity of SMEs, providing applied transformation programs and consultancy services in the center, came together for the first time.

Theoretical and applied training was given in the classroom and model factory environment by experts with worldwide proven competence on lean manufacturing. The participants of the training were composed of fulltime staff of the center, academicians from various universities, professionals working in manufacturing sector and representatives of the project partners.

It is planned to realize the second phase of the trainings in the end of July. Until the second phase of the training, it is expected from the trainers to organize trainings based on the principles they learned in the first phase of the training in SME Capability Center and to take first steps for transformation to lean manufacturing program. 

What is a SME Capability Center (Model Factory)?

A capability center is defined as a tool to disseminate principles of operational excellence by using experiential learning techniques. It aims to improve knowledge and capabilities of employees on process improvement, energy efficiency, lean manufacturing, product development, digital transformation, etc. 

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