Young Syrians and locals created practical solutions for the needs of the world with universal coding language

May 1, 2018

Investment in youth pays off! After seven months of hard work and dedication, a group of 28 students, a mix of Syrians and locals graduated the Android Bootcamp, with the ability to work as developers.

The mobile application building training, which was presented in cooperation with Bilgi University and Re:Coded that is a non-profit-making innovation organization established for humanitarian purposes, hosted by Harran University, came to an end. At the end of the training given to 28 Syrian and Turkish students for seven months, young people learned the Android coding language, wrote codes and developed mobile applications.

Designed by the partnership of distant learning portal Udacity and Google; Android Basics Training is provided under the scope of the "Strengthening Social Stability in South-eastern Anatolia Project" that is implemented in cooperation of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Turkey and the GAP Regional Development Administration and funded by the Government of Japan.

A total of 28 young people from the Syrians and locals in an age group of 17 to 30, who participated in the trainings offered in English language since October, developed mobile applications for the practical needs of the companies, wrote codes and enriched their theoretical knowledge with practical coding lessons.

Six mobile applications were developed to practice and to meet the requirements

At the end of the coding training, six mobile applications were developed. These are: “Mültecinin Ötesinde” (Beyond Refugee), “Re:Coded”, “E-Bursum”, “Kapgel Dükkanı”, “ESP Kelime Hazinesi” (ESP Vocabulary) and “Beni Yolda Tut” (Keep Me On Track).

Among these applications, "Beyond Refugee" serves to reach the correct information and the correct terminology about the refugees; "Re: Coded" serves to share the teaching materials and the learnings of the young people who participated in the coding training, "E-Bursum" helps to enable online access to scholarship information, "Kapgel Store" serves to access shops where orders can be placed online, "ESP Vocabulary" enables the students whose native language is not English to access online the vocabulary related to the field they are studying, and "Keeping Me On Track “ offers to set targets for the people on topics such as finance, nutrition, private life and fitness and to see the stages they have taken on their way to such targets.

Besides, during the training, young people also participated in Social Innovation Hackathon in Gender Equality, which was held in Istanbul in December 2017 and it was a first in Turkey of its kind. Young people completed with more than 60 developers, designers and entrepreneurs who developed technological and life-facilitating solutions for gender equality and they have created a project that was selected due to its potential to create the greatest impact. At the end of the Hackathon, the winner developed another application called "Safe-R" which is a mobile psychological counselling application that offers the women and girls who are experiencing any violence or harassment the option to hide their identities, if needed.

Unveiled potentials for creativity

Addressing the meaning of the programme for the region and the youth, UNDP Turkey Project Manager Arif Mert Özturk said: "We continue our efforts to increase the resilience of the individuals, communities and institutions that are most affected from the Syrian crisis, in cooperation of UNDP Turkey and GAP RDA. With the mobile application training program in Şanlıurfa, we supported young people, who are our main target audience to discover their potential for creativity, and to gain highly demanded and internationally accredited skills to access decent work and income opportunities."

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