Green Paper waits for public contributions

May 1, 2018

The Green Paper, which was prepared within the context of “Total Factor Productivity (TFP) Project” and consists of due diligence and policy recommendations to increase the contribution of total factor productivity to growth is completed. The document, which serves as a consultative document and seeks the opinions of stakeholders regarding the final policy framework (White Paper) design, is published on the project’s website at to seek for stakeholders’ opinions.

It wll be base for the White Paper

The Green Paper, which is in a form of a consultation document and was published on the project’s website (, is drafted to receive the opinions of the stakeholders to design the White Paper. The White Paper will be the final policy framework to be completed following the consultation process and submitted to the Ministry of Development to be included in upper-scale policy papers as well as in the preparation of sectoral and thematic strategy documents in the future.

Contributions expected for the consultation process

The Green Paper contains questions about determinations and policy recommendations that specifically target stakeholders, whose opinions will help with recommendations. Opinions and contributions on the “Consultative Questions” can be submitted using the following channels:

-          Using the contact form at

-          sending e-mail to address

-          sending letters to Yıldız Kule Yukarı Dikmen Mah. Turan Güneş Bulvarı No: 106 Kat:12 06550 Çankaya/Ankara address

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