Conference on Sustainable Tourism for Development held in Izmir

May 1, 2018

Sustainable tourism was discussed in all aspects in the Conference on Sustainable Tourism for Development held in Izmir on 13 April 2018. Premised on the fact that sustainable tourism was an important instrument for development, the Conference brought together representatives from the public sector, universities, private sector and civil society.

Pursuing an objective of raising awareness on sustainable tourism, the Conference served a platform to share information on activities in the country and international arena, and on contributions of sustainable tourism to development. The Conference futured panel sessions on Sustainable Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals, Innovative Practice in Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Tourism and Destination Management, Tourism Transformation, Good Practices in Sustainable Tourism, and Future Lies in Tourism.

The Conference was organised under the “Capacity Building for Sustainable Community Based Tourism Program” implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

It is aimed to promote changes in tourism policies, private sector practices and consumer behaviour in a way to support the reduction of poverty and inequalities, promotion of economic growth, and climate action in the world by 2030 through the Sustainable Development Goals.

International efforts pursue a strengthening of tourism in five major areas in conjunction with sustainable development: 1. Inclusive and sustainable economic development, 2. Promoting social inclusiveness, increasing employment and reducing poverty, 3. Effective use of resources, protection of environment and climate action, 4. Protection of cultural assets, multi-culturalism and cultural heritage, 5. Mutual understanding, peace and security.

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