UNDP Turkey's Visit to Southeast Anatolia

Feb 1, 2018

UNDP Turkey senior team paid a 6-day visit to the Southeast Anatolia to observe the work on local development and for Syrians hosted in the region.

The UNDP delegation headed by Ms. Irena Vojackova-Sollorano, United Nations Turkey Resident Coordinator and UNDP Turkey Representative, visited Hatay, Kilis, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Diyarbakır and Batman on 08-13 January 2018.

The UNDP delegation observed the activities in the region and met with people benefiting from the projects.

Studying the UNDP Turkey’s projects on agricultural development, reducing regional inequalities and alleviating the impact of Syrian crisis, the delegation visited also the provincial governors in the region.

Masonry in Şanlıurfa

Through a partnership of UNDP and local governments, many activities were undertaken both for Syrians and Turkish host communities in the region.

Hamarat Eller Mutfağı (Hard-working Hands Kitchen) in Şanlıurfa is one. UNDP visited the kitchen to see the work on site. Local delicacies will now be better available through the hard-working hands of Turkish and Syrian women.

Another action in Şanlıurfa focuses on tourism-oriented scaling up of traditional masonry workmanship. Many youth learn the long-declining trade of masonry workmanship in the centres, both rejuvenating history and tourism, and giving occupational skills to women and youth.

Women of Mardin at work

Mardin is a Southeast Anatolia city enjoying UNDP support. A project in Midyat supported by the GAP Administration and UNDP provided work opportunity for 30 women, including 15 Syrians.

Women in the CATOM building produce and sell Midyat’s white cucumber picklings; dried eggplant, pepper and tomato, sumac sour juice, and churchkhela. The revenue is divided equally among the working women.

Organic farming in Kilis

The UNDP delegation visited the greenhouses established in Kilis in the GAP Region, the heart of “green growth” projects that combined organic farming and energy efficiency.

Kilis is also noted for increased experience in olive growing and olive oil production. Joint works have covered significant distance in branding the olive oil of the region.

Vocational training in Gaziantep

The UNDP delegation paid a visit to the Vocational Training and Counselling Centre (GSO-MEM) of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry.

Established with support from UNDP, the Centre aims to provide vocational training as well as integrate Syrian and Turkish communities.

The Centre have provided vocational training to 1,154 persons to date. Further vocational training will start in February to train 1,000 more people.

Turkish and Syrian trainees produce glass decoratives in the glass workshops operational for a long time in Gaziantep.

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