Roadmap for Organic Agriculture in Turkey hailed in Şanlıurfa Declaration

Feb 1, 2018

The Şanlıurfa Declaration was announced to formulate a common vision and roadmap for the future of organic agriculture in the GAP Region. Issued in the context of Organic Agriculture Forum of 16-17 November, the Declaration is a recommendation for regional and national policies.

Announced in the end of the forum where knowledge and experience were shared and partnerships established, the Declaration was formulated on the basis of GAP Region Competitiveness Agenda and in light of the work undertaken since 2009 in the Region, considering account the national and regional development and action plans.

The Şanlıurfa Declaration was finalised and announced on common views of participants.

Organised in the context of Organic Agriculture Cluster Project in the Southeast Anatolia Region, the forum drew participation from the members of GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster, relevant public institutions and organisation, universities, civil society organisations as well as regional, national and international sector representatives.

The forum featured five sessions where national and international speakers shared views on the present and future of organic agriculture.

The forum also included the Awards Ceremony for Organic Agriculture for Sustainable Development Contest which aimed to highlight the contributions of farmers and operators in the region to the organic agriculture sector, and increase production capacity, marketing opportunities and awareness for the future.

The awards went to Müzeyyen Aslan and Faik Efe as the Producers of the Year; Esila Burhankulu and Habip Aşan as the Exporters of the Year; Ebru Sakar and Cafer Ulakçı as the Innovators of the Year, and Medet Abbasoğlu for the Honour Award of the Year.

Participants visited the stands where the members of GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster displayed their organic products such as mulberry molasse, almonds, honey, dib roman, grapes, olive oil, lentils and chickpeas.

The Organic Agriculture Forum for Sustainable Development was organised in collaboration by the GAP Development Administration, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and GAP Organic Cluster Association (GAP ORKUDER).


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