Busy international agenda on TFP project

Jan 1, 2018

International activities get busier in the context of Total Factor Productivity Project aimed at identifying factors that hinder economic productivity and seeking solutions. Following the completion of a visit to South Korea, a technical study visit to Germany is planned. And an international conference will be held in March.

Technical study visit to Germany

The “Support to Development of a Policy Framework for Total Factor Productivity in Turkey” is building up momentum with new international activities. Following the study visit to South Korea in early December, a technical study visit will be paid to Germany to study and report on the technical cases in Germany, a country well advanced in Total Factor Productivity (TFP). Under the project, a benchmark report was earlier prepared which reviewed the country cases of Germany and South Korea and appraised the national TFP policy frameworks with a view to drawing inferences on Total Factor Productivity policies for Turkey.

An international conference for 400 participants upcoming

Another international event is scheduled for March under the Project. An international conference is planned for 400 participants from public, private and NGO sectors where the project’s outputs will be shared with the international community.

About the Project

The “Support to Development of a Policy Framework for Total Factor Productivity in Turkey” is a technical assistance project co-financed by EU and Turkey, and implemented by UNDP. The final beneficiary is the Ministry of Development, and the contracting authority is the Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU).


For more information: http://tfvp.org/

For Project publicity video on Increasing Total Factor Productivity: http://tfvp.org/2017/12/18/toplam-faktor-verimliligi-projesi-tanitim-filmi-yayinlandi/

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