Actual needs and active solutions discussed on Syrians and host communities on Global South-South Development Expo

Jan 1, 2018

Regional effects of Syrian refugee influx were discussed from various perspectives on the 9th Global South-South Development Expo 2017, organized on 27-30 November 2017, in Antalya. UNDP Turkey side event entitled “Resilience: A Paradigm Shift in Humanitarian-Development Nexus: Syria Crisis Case” was held at the event that hosted 850 participants from 10 countries.

The session was moderated by Mr. Bülent Açıkgöz, Local Socio-Economic Development Cluster Lead, UNDP Turkey, and provided a fruitful as well as inspiring discussion ground with the panellists Ms. Leontine Specker, Resilience Advisor, UNDP Turkey, Mr. Nusret Mutlu, General Coordinator, GAP Regional Development Administration, Mr. Adnan Ünverdi, Vice Chairman, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, Mr. Abdullah Aksoy, Head of Health and Social Services Department, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Aşkın Tören, Turkish Employment Agency, Head of Department. Main focus of the panel discussion was how to meet and address the critical issues, increasing needs as well as building the resilience of Syrians and host community members, from the humanitarian-development nexus aspect.

The main theme of the side event was the concept of resilience building in mitigating the social, economic and territorial impacts of the high Syrian population and provide improvements within the perspective of Turkish national development policies. The assessments addressed the following issues: livelihoods and employability, municipal services and urban infrastructures and supporting social cohesion and development.

The panel addressed the resilience building based development perspective, that complements humanitarian response as a critical need. At the event, the discussions throughout the panel have further underlined the following issues: the role of local authorities and municipalities in mitigating the social, economic, environmental and territorial impacts of Syrian refugee crises, active labour market policies and measures for the Syrians, as well as practical collaboration between UNDP Turkey and the government to address the crisis with a resilience based development approach.


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