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Busy international agenda on TFP project

International activities get busier in the context of Total Factor Productivity Project aimed at identifying factors that hinder economic productivity and seeking solutions. Following the completion…  

Solar power electric generation facilities in the forest villages will be expanded

7.3 million forest villagers live in Turkey and this population consists of the poorest part of Turkey.  

Young people created solutions for gender equality in Social Innovation Hackathon

Social Innovation Hackathon focusing on Gender Equality took place on December 8 - 10th at İstanbul Impact Hub.  

Another first in GAP Region: Contribution of ecosystem services to agricultural practices being appraised

The efficient use of resources such as land, soil, energy, raw material, technology, and human capital in the economic production processes plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable development as…  

Actual needs and active solutions discussed on Syrians and host communities on Global South-South Development Expo

Regional effects of Syrian refugee influx were discussed from various perspectives on the 9th Global South-South Development Expo 2017, organized on 27-30 November 2017, in Antalya. UNDP Turkey side…  

Project paces up to increase use of “Energy Efficient Motors at SMEs”

With the ever-increasing demand for energy today, transition is now mandatory to energy efficiency in all sectors. Investing in efficiency is not only critical to meet the future energy demands and…  

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