Embrace the SDGs and Enhance the Cooperation: “Towards Achieving the SDGs in Turkey: Technical Workshop for the Ministry of Development”

Dec 1, 2017

©Eren Korkmaz

 “Towards Achieving the SDGs in Turkey: Technical Workshop for the Ministry of Development” was held in Ankara on 28-30 November 2017. The training event for a more comprehensive understanding of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Turkey has been concluded with the participations from Ministry of Development, Turkstat, UNDP, UNICEF, UNW, UNHCR, UNFPA, UN RCO and IOM which are the key institutions in the process of achieving SDGs. For 3 days, participants put emphasis on the motto of “leave no one behind” and trainers from various backgrounds presented on very extensive issues within Turkey.

The training aimed at creating a common ground on the issues of identification of the problems, elaborating the roles of the respective institutions, creating a wide comprehension regarding the process towards 2030 and explaining how the work that is being done relates to the SDGs in Turkey. Basic motivation behind organizing this event was to strengthen the capacity of the SDG Task Force of the Ministry of Development to guide the process of SDG nationalization and support the elaboration of the 11th National Development Plan in line with the Agenda 2030.

After this event, members of the SDG Task Force is planned to be able to understand the approach to adapting the SDGs to national context by achieving the following:

• Understanding the UN Development Group approach to SDG mainstreaming, acceleration and policy support

• Providing preliminary training on a range of tools and approaches that support MAPS approaches

• Developing an integrated terms of reference that defines the scope of a MAPS mission for the country

Alongside with UN agencies, participants from Turkstat presented their significant role in the achievement of 2030 goals in Turkey. On the processes of planning, financing, budgeting, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting of every project, there was a strong unified opinion that Turkstat would take an important place.

As another focal point of the event, contextualizing and adapting the SDGs to national needs in Turkey through Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policy Support (MAPS) is covered and presented. With the support the MAPS, as a common approach to the implementation of the SDGs, UN Development Group aims to achieve 2030 Agenda in a more efficient way. In the last day of the training, an interactive session to define the scope of the MAPS mission where participants from all institutions had the opportunity to contribute with their suggestions to the mission.

For further information about MAPS: https://www.un.org/ecosoc/sites/www.un.org.ecosoc/files/files/en/qcpr/doco-summary-brief-on-maps-march2016.pdf

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