Turkey’s first-ever model factory being built in Ankara

Oct 23, 2017

Works on building Model Factories, or in other words, Applied Capability and Transformation Centers that will transform the manufacturing industry bear its first fruits. Turkey’s first-ever Model Factory will be built at Ankara OIZ-1.

23 October 2017, Ankara – With Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) now on board as an implementing partner in the Model Factory Project being implemented by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in technical cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Turkey’s first-ever Model Factory will be built.

The works for establishing a Model Factory at Ankara OIZ-1 have accelerated with the signing ceremony on 23 October 2017 honored by Mr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, under the project that aims to transform manufacturing firms in Ankara and surrounding provinces.

It is aimed through Model Factories that enterprises increase their productivity and competitiveness, benefit from applied learning techniques, employees acquire permanent capabilities combining theory and practice. Model Factories are intended to contribute to increased productivity and digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, including mainly SMEs. The centers each include a model of basic production systems of factories, and deliver applied training and consultancy services for many sectors on batch or continuous production lines.

Becoming all the more important today particularly in industrialized nations, Model Factories are defined as important instruments for the dissemination of principles of excellence in production processes based on applied learning, and enabling such structural changes as lean transformation and digital transformations in firms.


Based on feasibility studies, 5 more Model Factories to be built in 3 to 4 years

The Study Project initiated in 2016 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in technical cooperation with UNDP was completed. Under the project, 25 model factories in various countries were studied, detailed analyses conducted; and social, economic and institutional factors bearing on the Turkish manufacturing industries were assessed. Identified on the basis of such analyses were the regions, provinces and priority sectors holding potential for building Model Factories across Turkey, and the training curriculum to be delivered in such centers.


Decision to build the first Model Factory in Ankara

A three-tier filtering approach was applied to identify the province where the first Model Factory would be built in Turkey. Taken into account were the presence of a strong industrial base, hinterland capacity, industry structure and academic performance in a province. Consequently, Ankara was selected as the first example of this innovative practice for its industrialization density and production capacity as well as for its transport facilities and strong university infrastructure compared to such provinces as Konya and Eskişehir which made significant progress in industrialization.


Pilot application start at year-end in the Model Factory to be built in Ankara

The design work was completed for the building allocated for the Model Factory being built at Ankara ASO First Organized Industry Zone (Sincan OIZ). Upon the completion of renovation and equipping, the pilot program for train & transform will start at 2017 year-end. It is aimed in 2018 to realize lean and digital transformation for the first group of firms to increase their productivity and competitiveness. The initial investment cost is 15 million TL for the center being realized by public and private co-financing.

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