Pilot implementations are going to be initiated within the Total Factor Productivity Project

Nov 1, 2017

Pilot projects in textile and composite sectors will be launched within the context of the “Support to Development of a Policy Framework for Total Factor Productivity in Turkey Project”, which is financed by the EU, implemented by the UNDP and with the Ministry of Development as the final beneficiary.

Through the pilot projects phase, it is aimed to determine the constraints against productivity increase in manufacturing sector and determine a solution-oriented policy set with taking into consideration the international benchmarking based upon the micro-findings obtained from a wide scaled field study.

Purpose is to establish policy options upon feedbacks

The purpose of the pilot projects is to get feedback from the implementations for the policy options within the framework of main themes emerged in qualitative surveys and value chain analysis in all sectors of the Total Factor Productivity (TFP) Project.

Pilot implementations will start in textile and composite sectors

The pilot projects will be first implemented in textile and composite sectors. As the result of meetings and evaluations conducted together with the representatives from sectors and the experts, the focus areas are defined as “digitalization” for the textile sector and “use of hi-tech materials” for the composite sector.  

Increase in TFP is the ultimate goal

The projects in the textile sector are planned to provide a direct contribution to the TFP increase as well as a change in the resource utilization by creating a field of study regarding digital transformation. And for composite sector, the high-tech products are aimed to come up to SMEs’ agenda, to provide inputs to the policy makers for their penetration to markets and to provide direct and indirect contribution to the TFP increase.

For further information: www.tfvp.org/

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