“Global Agendas, Local Voices, Local Actions” at 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development

Nov 1, 2017

The 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development was held in Praia, the Cabo Verde on 17-20 October 2017, and was attended by the more than 2500 participants representing public institutions, private sector, academia and civil society organizations all across the globe.

The forum constituted a platform for dialogue on key issues such as poverty eradication, employment and decent work, sustainable entrepreneurship, multi-stakeholder partnerships, including the involvement of civil society, workers’ and employers’ organizations. The ultimate aim of the forum was to analyse how the LED approach stands out as an operational and strategic approach to localize the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals

The forum provided a unique platform for policy makers and practitioners to exchange their know-how, experience, expertise and vision on sustainable, inclusive and resilient local development; and created opportunities for bilateral and networking that would potentially feed into south-south and triangular cooperation.

Turkey’s experience on territorial cohesion, integrated regional development, private sector in post-conflict situations and the role of local authorities in LED was also shared with the participants by a Turkish Delegation composed of representatives from UNDP Turkey CO, Southeast Anatolia Regional Development Administration (GAP RDA), Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.

The Forum was concluded with the Declaration of Praia on Local Economic Development, which, inter alia, draws utmost attention on leveraging local development through SDG localization, multi-level governance, cross sectoral and territorial partnerships and integrated approaches for interrelated structural challenges.

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